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The Peripherals

About The Peripherals

Based in San Diego, California, The Peripherals formed in 2010 as a contemporary indie folk band. Founding members Omar Musisko and Andrew Thams have a wide range of musical experience having been former members of indie rock bands ‘Second Tuesdays’ and “The Otis Turbine’ and contributors to multiple side projects throughout the country. Early in 2012, Dylan Jones joined the duo as they began to gain local prestige and performed more frequently. One of the many features that makes the band unique is their eclectic use of sounds and wide array of instruments. Thams performs tenor and soprano vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica and violin frequently switching instruments between and during songs. Musisko sings lower to mid-range vocals; plays guitar, mandolin, bass, piano and harmonica. The percussion expert, Jones sings tenor while utilizing a full drum kit, cajons, shakers and other various percussive hand instruments. This large production, that could easily have been a five member band, comes together creating sweet vocal harmonies, eclectic instrumental arrangements and a folk sound leaving the audience reminiscing  simpler times. Together they have embraced the San Diego style and scene; whether they influenced it or were influenced themselves they embrace the hipster culture with epic mustaches, porkpie, newsboy, flat and field caps, vests with ties or bandanas and a touch of nostalgia for the late 30s/early 40s. Don’t let their look fool you, their music is modern, catchy with soulful storytelling lyrics as they play their wide assortment instruments to perfection.


The Peripherals are recognized for their high energy, three-part vocal harmonies, and range of instruments employed in each set of songs. Their sound has been described as Wilco meets Neil Young, but retains a unique style given the versatile characteristics, abilities and interactions the group demonstrates.​  Venues they’ve performed at include House of Blues (LA and SD), The Belly Up (SD), The Casbah (SD), The Utah (SF), Starlight (Seattle), The Mississippi (Portland), The Laurelthirst (Portland), and Anthology (SD). 
Artists they’ve shared the stage with include William Walter, John C. Reilly, The Liquorsmiths, Jared Mees, Tristan Prettyman, and countless others.


"From Dylan’s tribal-like percussion to the haunting backdrop of Omars’s mandolin and piano, to Andrew’s unparalleled vocals and guitar strumming; these three musicians blend their talents together perfectly... The Peripherals possess their own story, their own authenticity, and speak to audiences with sincerity. They’re not afraid to do something that’s already been done; they just make it so damn good." 
-Rick Jamm

"...the band comes together flawlessly presenting a full soundscape of acoustic sound mixed with lyrics that tell a story of growth that leaves the listener waiting on the next verse to see where the story goes."
-Keith Pro

"... makes me feel as If I was tuning into a jam between Wilco and Neil Young, meeting somewhere half-way along one of those cinematic American open country roads. This record embodies a great compromise between the modern take on folk and indie rock of the former and the timeless approach and feel of the latter... There is a very natural, straight-forward simplicity that makes this record (and this band) truly stand out as a whole." -The Bandcamp Diaries